Eric Maisel

A Contemporary Philosophy of Life

Welcome to the home of kirism,
a new philosophy of life.

Kirism is based on our updated understanding of human nature and the challenges of living.

A contemporary philosophy of life has to take a lot into account. How meaning works. The difference between life purpose and life purposes. The realities of work. The high bar tasks of self-obligation and self-authorship. The challenges of culture and society. What ethical action looks like. And more. Kirism does that intricate work.


Kirism is fresh, pertinent and useful. If no philosophy or religion has ever made quite enough sense to you, take a look at kirism and see what you think. Kirism is a vital philosophy designed to meet today’s challenges. Begin benefitting from it right now.

Introducing Kirism

Below are the first four books of kirism. The complete twenty books of kirism can be found in Lighting the Way: How Kirism Answers Life’s Toughest Questions. The below four are free to you and free to share. Please enjoy and please share.

Self-Obligation and Self-Authorship
Absurd Rebellion

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