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Please make a donation of any size to help us spread the word about kirism. Your donation will be used to defray the cost of running kirist events, hosting kirist gatherings, promoting kirism worldwide, and making a difference in the lives of millions of people. If you can afford to make a large donation, that would be wonderful. If you’d like to make a small donation, that would be wonderful as well!

We have the large job of shifting and uplifting: shifting millions of minds and uplifting civilization. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

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We hope that you will choose kirism as a cause worth supporting. 

As a patron of kirism, you will be helping spread the word to the millions of people struggling with meaning and life purpose issues.

If kirism speaks to you and if you’d like to help the world by offering people a rich contemporary philosophy, please become a patron and donate a small amount monthly. 

We stand on the threshold of a new way of thinking about life. You can help. Contribute a small amount monthly and make a real difference.


Interested in volunteering? We have many volunteer opportunities and many ways that you can be of help. Drop us an email to and learn how you can help.